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In Pakistan, joining Pak Army is the dream of every national. Every Pakistani is very curious to join Pak army. But most of the people does not know the process of how to join Pak army ?

When a child is born the parents with dreams in eyes declare their child that he will serve the nation by joining the armed forces of Pakistan. Such is the love of every Pakistani for their Pak army soldiers. Regardless of which of the branch it is i.e. Navy, Air force in the list too.

Now the question is “ How to join Pakistan Army ? “


  • The candidate to join Pak army must be in between 16-23 years old for participating in military services. However soldiers are not allowed to be deployed for battle till their age reach 18.
  • Candidate can apply for Army test after having Bachelors, Intermediate and Masters completed or also through different courses like SSC (Short Service Commission) and SPSCC (Special Purpose Short Service Commission).
  • Every year Pak army joining tests are conducted in the major cities of Pakistan. The test details are available on the official sites and advertisements are given about the test dates in newspapers.
  • The one falling into set eligibility criteria to join Pakistan army is asked to appear in the written test and later on goes through physiological tests. Interview is part of the selection procedure as well.
  • After successful clearance in all the test the selected candidate is provided with his designated rank and is rewarded with the incentives like insurance, living, medical etc.

Benefits to join Pak army:


As we know that the job of pak army soldier is very tough. But besides this tough job, pak army soldiers enjoy the free facilities from Pakistani government like :

  • Pak army soldiers are provided with government residencies
  • Soldiers with their families have free medical treatment facility
  • Also, Pak army soldiers have free insurances as life insurance
  • Pak army soldiers are allotted with permanent residencies after their retirement



Pakistan Army is the sixth largest military force and the largest if compared with the military forces of other Muslim countries. It came into being when Pakistan got independence from takeover of British along with Indians. As per the analysis conducted in 2017 of International Institute for Strategic Studies, the most prestigious army of Pakistan has almost 560,000 personnel.

The regimental system is observed in Pakistan Army and is also divided geographically and operationally to different command zones having corps as the basic field. The regimental system is observed in Pakistan Army and is also divided geographically and operationally to different command zones having corps as the basic field. According to the Pakistani constitution President of Pakistan is said to be the Commander in Chief.

However, the Pakistan Army is led by the commands of Chief of Army Staff, rewarded with four star rank general, the senior staff in the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. This committee is appointed by the Prime Minister after approval by the President of the country.

Pakistan Army is observed struggling for the people of Pakistan through tough times. For example; when a natural disaster strikes the army comes in to give hand to citizens. They are always ahead in humanitarian services in times of need.  Along with the aim to make sure about the national security, army is always active to fight back on the borders whenever there is threat of war or any sort of aggression on the borders. They ensure to maintain peace and security in the state by collaborating with the government as well.

If you have more queries you can also visit Pak army official website.

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